Analyst Qualifications

  • Develops in-depth knowledge of an industry sector by analyzing growth drivers, market dynamics and economic factors
  • Works in a supportive team environment to author reports on middle market companies and their industries
  • Provides a valuable foundation for advancement within the firm or graduate work in business administration
  • Delivers extensive market research and analysis for the development of pro forma financial analysis from industry specific historical and projected growth rates, performance ratios and analysis of shifting industry dynamics

Analyst Requirements:
For the analyst position an undergraduate degree in economics, business administration or related field of study is preferred. The candidate must have 2 years prior experience in investment banking, market research, strategic planning or consulting. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must. An analyst must have relevant knowledge of industry databases and research techniques and the ability to interpret this information for its potential impact on a firm’s market value.

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Travis WattersAnalyst