Corporate Finance

Debt corporate finance is a major source of funding for companies of all sizes and may be used for existing operations, equipment purchases, expansion or acquisitions. In addition there may be requirements to refinance existing debt or to achieve turnaround objectives.

Uni’s professionals are experienced and well regarded for their ability to streamline the borrowing process and to act on behalf of their clients.

There are several key phases in assisting clients with their commercial bank financing needs:

Corporate Finance Evaluation

As an independent party, Uni provides a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s situation, analysis of needs and the formulation of a financing strategy and plan:

  • Analysis of capital structure alternatives, including the ideal type of debt (bank, mezzanine, etc.) for your needs
  • Analysis of borrowing capacity
  • Development of a financing strategy and plan

Preparation and Marketing

Uni works with clients to identify appropriate financing sources and present borrowing requirements to debt sources in the most appropriate and professional manner. The firm has access to a broad range of financing sources and maintains a proprietary database of funding sources. Uni’s professionals guide their clients through the process:

  • Creation of a compelling information memorandum focused on the potential financing
  • Identification of potential financing sources
  • Informational exchanges with potential sources
  • Solicitation of letters of intent / term sheets

Assessment, Negotiation and Closing

Uni works closely with its clients in assessing and comparing the financing proposals, negotiating terms with selected corporate finance sources and closing the funding:

  • Obtain proposals (letters of intent / term sheets)
  • Assess and evaluate the proposals
  • Negotiate with a short-list and obtain proposal refinements
  • Final selection of financing source
  • Assist during the source’s due diligence process
  • Negotiate final terms and covenants
  • Assist in closing and funding
Travis WattersCorporate Finance