Mergers & Acquisitions

Uni Advisors was founded as an investment banking boutique. The main part of our practice is representing middle market clients with their merger & acquisitions activities. We act as the exclusive agent representing the company’s shareholders in the sale of all or a part their business, as well as in the divestiture of one or multiple subsidiaries, operating units and product lines.

The Uni Mergers & Acquisitions process is led by a senior Uni banker and typically involves four major phases:

Exploring the Mergers & Acquisitions Options

In preliminary discussions prior to its engagement, Uni works closely with the prospective client to bring focus and objectivity to assist the prospective client in making the decision of whether to sell. Our firm also has the opportunity to view the potential of representing this client before accepting an engagement. The areas covered include:

  • Exploring the client’s goals and researching viable solutions
  • Reviewing the current market–Timing is a critical issue
  • Bringing focus for the client regarding issues involved in a potential transaction
  • Discussion of valuation parameters

Preparing to Sell

Once a decision to sell has been made and a formal engagement agreement is in place, Uni begins the strategic phase of the sales process. Our experience allows us to recognize and capitalize on values that others often don’t recognize. This process includes:

  • SWOT Analysis – Company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Analysis of the company’s historical and proforma earnings
  • Reviewing the company’s management structure and operations
  • Research of the company’s competitors and an industry analysis

Marketing the Company

Uni Advisors launches a tightly focused marketing plan. This includes preparing a confidential information memorandum that is a visual presentation of the company’s strengths and opportunities. Utilizing our proprietary and out sourced databases, a unique list of potential acquirers is compiled. This list will include strategic buyers both domestic and foreign, private investment groups and special situation groups. During this process our main goals are:

  • Contact only well qualified buyers
  • Confidentiality
  • Minimize the efforts of management so they can focus on operations
  • Time our contacts to shorten the sales process
  • Set time tables and deadlines for expressions of interest
  • Establish a limited auction environment where buyers compete
  • Select the winning bid and negotiate an LOI

Final Negotiations and the Closing

Once the LOI has been executed the due diligence process begins and a definitive purchase agreement is prepared. This is a critical junction in the process when transactions often experience the most difficulty. Uni Advisors is a critical player in this final process and acts as a facilitator by:

  • Negotiating the LOI into an agreeable definitive purchase agreement
  • Working with management through the due diligence process
  • Introducing and working with competent legal and accounting representatives
  • Assisting the client in the closing including the form and timing of the consideration
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